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the president of afghanistan, the president of the united states held a press conference in essence a lot of things just didn't work out real well. men and women of achievement military, including yourself who put your lives on the line got shot at. do you feel like maybe people are thinking it was for nothing? >> i think there is always that danger. i got an email from a friend of mine there now. i spoke to president karzai on the phone last night. but when i got to afghanistan in the spring of 2002, the place was physically devastated and it was mentally trauma advertised. it was torn apart in every way. and it's very differ different now. there has been huge progress in the rights of women, children in school. development, it's not perfect. lots of problems. but afghans have a lot to lose now. i think what scares afghans more than anything else is a return to the dark days of the taliban or maybe worse. >> is the president, you think, fully schooled in terms of being able to it lead this point of the military? i'm not trying to be just hyper critical of the president. i'm concerned tha
, defensive tackles, quarterbacks and cornerbacks are all living united. to ensure the academic success of millions of kids in our communities. all the way to graduation day. but that won't happen without you. so take the pledge at make a difference in the life of a child. suit up like your favorite nfl players, and become a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor with united way. in her head. secretary of state will be in the office during the day with a closed door meeting with her staff. it's a week packed with meetings. she has nearly a dozen on her schedule including three at the white house. the u.s. rejecting a new peace proposal from syrian president ba bash sar assad. calling for assad to step aside saying his claim is an attempt at staying in power. the u.n. estimates the up rising that began against assad's regime nearly two years ago claimed at least 60,000 4r50i6s. i am mary ann raf perrafferty. you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. huckabee. >> in 1986 this woman was walking to work in new york. she passed an 11-year-old boy named maur
voters first elected a woman to the united states senate. wyatt care owe way was a democrat from arkansas. the state had actually appointed her to the seat several months earlier after her husband died. she would become the first woman to share a senate committee. and to preside over a senate hearing. all while speaking called her silent haddie. she didn't want to waste taxpayer's money in printing speeches in the congressional record. that sounds heroic. voters spoke putting her in the history books 81 years ago today. that is how fox reports on this saturday, january 12th, 2013. i'm harris faulkner. thank you for spending part of your saturday night with us. my saturday night is just getting started. see you for a news update in about a half an hour right in the middle of huckabee which starts in a few seconds. tonight on huckabee. train wreck tv reach as new low. >> you guys he might be known as rapper here in atlanta is he known for having 11 kids and 10 baby mommas. >> controversial show ridicules family structure and sends wrong message to young women. >> we need a generati
have come back in the united states about 80-20 no . i believe that leaders have a responsibility to lead on the moral authority and lead the country in the right direction and let the chips fall where they may. >> will the house come together? there is division about the republicans taking a hard line and negotiating compromise. congressman stockman. >> my good friend matt stated we came back from a gathering in williamsburg. i believe and matt believes we are willing to shut the government down. we'll not do the game of going back and forth to t white house and congress . not say anything. we'll stand up stop the none sense. >> do you feel that the house republicans will stick together on this? >> i believe just like we have in the past had to stand up with the difficult situations in this country and like i said the civil war and great depression and world war one and two and americans have what it takes and we have to just bed n congress if we want to earn a reputation better than cockroaches we better stop act being like cockroaches . great to you here and your perspective is
militants that want a launching pad. it is close to europe . it can target the united states and our alplice and north africa is the new battle ground in the war the al-qaida war against yus our war against them. >> we thought that the war with al-qaida and islamic extremism was from the middle east. is that like where you strike them in one place and they pop up somewhere else . they are not disappearing but relocate to a different region. >> they have had elements going over the years in tus nisia . nigeria . now a concerted effort that appear to going in north africa and mali and algeria . they are effective fighters and they are ruthless and a combination of al-qaida and islamic . they get people from iraq and core al-qaida and they get those from the arabian peninsula. it is a international movement and there is a vacume and they fill it. the president hurt us in implying that the war against al-qaida is over. core al-qaida has been hurt but they have matacicized and now it is more of a threat to us now because it is so decentralized. it is morphed so much and coming at us in so many di
will execute the office of president of the united states. >> the president starts his second term in office and will he able it to work with republicans and break the gridlock from the last four years. former house speaker newt gingrich joins us with his take. >> and assault weapons and ten round limit to magazines. >> clearing up the misconception of weapons, and arming teachers to keep our children safe. >> and after her uncle gave the famous speech, martin luther king's niece says america needs to wake up before a nightmare. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: thank you, thank you very much. a great studio audience and thank you for joining us, welcome to huckabee, live from the fox news studios in new york city. although he was actually sworn in today in a private ceremony, tomorrow is the day for the public swearing in for president obama to begin his second term. now, if the walkup to the festivities are any indication i've got no reason to believe he's going to seek to build bridges, work for consensus or abandon the flaming rhetoric calling those who oppose him
's target the united states, our allies, and really, north africa, i believe, is the new battle ground in the war-- al-qaeda's war against us and what should be be our war against them. >> mike: we for a long time thought that the war with al-qaeda and islamic extremism was from the middle east. is this like whack-a-mole and strike them in one place and they pop up somewhere else and not so much on the run and dispooridi disappeari disappearing, they relocate to a different geographical region. >> and they had tanzania, and really now, it's a concerted effort. mauritania and the combination of groups, the islamic magreb and remnants of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula and it's an international movement and wherever there's a vacuum they perceive and they fill it it and where the president has hurt us the last several years, somehow implying that the war against al-qaeda is over. yeah, core al-qaeda has been hurt, but they've metastasized and in some ways al-qaeda is more of a threat now than it was prior to september 11th because it's so decentralized it's metastasized and morphed so
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)